FAQs for Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

How do I register as a volunteer in Rotary IMA COVID Care Project?

Become a volunteer and join our fight against covid. Fill up the form by clicking the link below:
Your application will be scrutinized by our team. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you will receive a mail notification about the agenda for the mandatory training for the volunteers.

How am I assigned patients for telemonitoring?

Please note that attendance for the training session is mandatory to be assigned cases for telemonitoring, considering that this is a responsible job dealing with someone’s health. Only those who complete the hours of mandatory training will be allotted cases.

If I need to drop out of the project, are there any formalities to be followed?

Yes. If you plan to drop out from our project, please give a prior notice, so that we are able to arrange a replacement for your currently assigned patients. If you are actively telemonitoring patients, please give a proper handover of your cases to the replacing volunteer and your supervising doctor before you leave.

Are there any fixed number of cases assigned to a volunteer at a time?

Yes. A volunteer is assigned not more than 10 cases at a time.

Is there any tenure period for this project?

There’s no tenure period, considering that the course of COVID pandemic is uncertain. Hence, the volunteer may take a call as to how long to be associated with our project?

Is there any certificate given for working under the project?

Yes. A certificate of appreciation will be awarded to every participant in the Rotary IMA COVID Care Project.

How do I login to my panel and see the patients allocated to me?

Your login is through the following link https://ctrl.imacares.in/ctrl/

Alternatively, the https://www.imacares.in login menu (Volunteers) can be clicked on. The links work on Laptops/PC, Tabs, Smartphones.

A detailed user manual can be found in the help menu once you log in to the web app.

A brief demonstration of how the system works is depicted in the video below: